GES are holding colloquia Spring 2023. Schedule will appear here shortly (2/5/2023)

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Fall 2021
Stephen Cho Suh, UCCS Department of Sociology
Tania Lopez-Marrero, University of Puerto Rico
Jim Schindling, Vanderbilt University

Spring 2019
Mike MacFerrin, CU-Boulder
Adrianne Kroepsch, Colorado School of Mines

Spring 2018
Yongjei Lee, UCCS School of Public Affairs

Spring 2017
UCCS Applied Geography Graduate Students 
Joni Palmer, CU-Boulder / University of New Mexico / Center of the American West

Fall 2016
Danica Lombardozzi, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

Spring 2016
Kelly West Jones, Colorado State University

Fall 2015
Helen Hazen, University of Denver
Sara Rathburn, Colorado State University

Fall 2014
Joanne Cummings, US Dept. of State / USAFA
Fernando Riosmena, CU-Boulder

Fall 2013
Jennifer Stark, National Weather Service - Pueblo
Wetherbee Dorshow, University of New Mexico
Myron Gutmann, University of Michigan

Spring 2013
Tricia Hazeleger, Department of Human Services, Victoria, Australia

Fall 2012
Jon Kedrowski, Central Washington University

Spring 2012
Greg Simon, University of Colorado Denver
Sharolyn Anderson, University of Denver

Spring 2011
Deborah Clark, La Selva Research Station

Fall 2010
Bill Doe, Colorado State University

Spring 2010
Michael Yochim, National Park Service

Fall 2009
Sarah Robinson, US Air Force Academy

Spring 2009
Peter Anthamatten and Bryan Wee, University of Colorado Denver
Steven Hodanish, National Weather Service - Pueblo

Fall 2008
Joe Bryan, University of Colorado Boulder

Spring 2008
Dave Theobald, Colorado State University