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Department of Geography & Environmental Studies


James Baginski, PhD

James Baginski, PhD

James Baginski, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor
Columbine Hall, rm. 2020

Areas of Interest

  • Economic geography
  • Urban social issues
  • Human-environment interaction in the American West
  • Geography education

Courses Taught

  • Environmental Systems: Climate and Vegetation (GES 1000)
  • World Regional Geography (GES 1980)
  • Introduction to Human Geography (GES 1990)
  • Recreation, Tourism, and Environment (GES 4750)
  • Geography Summit (GES 4900)


  • Ph.D., Geography, Ohio State University (2014)
  • M.S., Geography, University of Tennessee (2008)
  • B.A., Geography, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2005)

Selected Publications

  • Biermann, C., and J. Baginski. 2020. From tailwaters to urban waters: Angling and conservation on Colorado’s South Platte River. Denver and the Rocky Mountain West (ed. M. Keables). American Association of Geographers.
  • Baginski, J., Sui, D.Z., and Malecki, E.J. 2014. Exploring the intraurban digital divide using volunteered geographic information (VGI): A case study in Franklin County, Ohio. The Professional Geographer 66(3): 443-455
  • Baginski, J., and Bell, T. 2011. Under-tapped? An analysis of craft brewing in the southern United States. The Southeastern Geographer 51(1): 165-185.
  • Baginski, J., and Biermann, C. 2010. Montana On the Fly: A State Hooked on Trout. FOCUS On Geography 54(4): 142-147.

Curriculum Vitae