Public Education


Public Education


Seminar 1

Carolyn Driedger talks about volcanic hazards.

Education of the population is essential and the most important aspect of mitigation. People in the shadow of Mount Rainier need to understand the hazards and know what to do.

The USGS realized the need for a focused outreach program on Rainier's hazards in 1994, and since then, they have been educating emergency planners, educators, the media, and the public on the nature of volcanic hazards. This education has taken many forms:Display 1

  • public information booths
  • presentations
  • teacher workshops
  • web pages
  • posters
  • handouts
  • literature
  • and much more


The USGS decided the most efficient way to reach the greatest number of people was to go where the people are - so they designed a "traveling community exhibit" and have taken it to over 60 major locations such as the Western Washington State Fair and the State Capital Building (Driedger, 11/97).

In addition, Driedger and her committee have identified public educators as a good group of citizens to educate. They have "teacher workshops" several times a year in which the committee works with the teachers in order to keep them informed. One of the projects underway is the development of Mount Rainier learning activities for school children.

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