Review Questions - Lesson 3


Review Questions - Lesson 3

Answer these questions in short answer form and submit them to your professor or teaching assistant.

    1. Which of the different types of mitigation strategies in Pierce County will make the greatest amount of difference for the greatest number of people?
      a. Lahar Barriers
      b. Public Education
      c. Warning Sirens
      d. Land-Use Planning


    2. Past mudflows in Pierce County have occurred before the area was populated. Remember that the Electron Mudflow traveled all the way to the Puget Sound. Since most of the area of flow is urbanized now instead of dense forest, how do you think this will influence the rate of lahar flow?


    3. Why is it essential for elected officials and policy makers in Pierce County and the state of Washington to understand the hazards of living by Mount Rainier?


    4. Describe the steps that led the the successful 1994 evacuation of Rabaul, New Guinea.


    • Even though Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, Orting is the only town around Mount Rainier that has developed an evacuation plan. One would think that after seeing a volcano in your state erupt, people would be quick to make sure they knew what to do. This was obviously not the case. Why do you think it has taken so long?
    • Click on the image below to get a full page map of Sumner. Print the map and, using Orting's evacuation map and strategies, create an evacuation route or Sumner.

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