Review Questions - Lesson 2


Review Questions - Lesson 2

Answer these questions in short answer form then submit them to your professor or TA.

    1. What will lava flow do to Mount Rainier's glaciers? How will this affect the citizens below Mount Rainier?

    2. Where will the tephra from Mount Rainier be deposited?

    3. Hikers on the rim of Mount Rainier have reported a sticky brown mud. What is the cause of this mud and why does it represent a hazard on Mount Rainier?

    4. Lahars from the 1985 eruption of Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia almost exactly duplicated the deposits left from previous lahars. When this happens at Mount Rainier, which towns would be affected?

    • You are a Ranger at Mount Rainier National Park and know that outburst floods have occurred in the past during the summer and fall. What three precautions would you take to ensure the safety of visitors during this high tourist period?
    • Click on the image below to get a full page map. Print the map and use your knowledge of volcanic hazards and the hazard maps from this lesson to create your own hazard map for the area. Be sure to include all the hazards that have been discussed.

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